At Frequency Telecom, we offer a complete service for all your mobile signal booster and accessory needs. We are an award-winning distributor operating successfully for over 20 years in the mobile product market within the United Kingdom, Europe, and afar. We also have the unique selling point of being the master distributor for Cel-Fi by Nextivity, providing mobile phone signal boosters throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With unparalleled commitment to ensuring our partners’ success and growth, at Frequency Telecom we offer high-quality product design coupled with effective manufacturing solutions to allow all of our partners to take full advantage of the competitive market edge that our products have to offer.

What We Offer When You Partner With Us

We offer a plethora of bespoke, on-demand market-leading products in various volumes. Extensive product research is conducted to ensure all products meet the current market trends as well as an intensive product quality check to ensure all products comply with global legislation.

Why Partner With Frequency telecom?

The Reseller Program allows you to partner with Frequency Telecom to further grow and expand your business. Our resellers have the added benefits of having the ability to take full advantage of a value-added service with access to the expanding market of mobile phone accessories all whilst receiving all the support needed to boost sales and source the right products. 

Choose from an incredible range of mobile accessories including hygienic screen protection products which eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria as well as a wide range of high-performance mobile phone cases. Along with a dedicated account manager and access to Ofcom Licence exempt Cel-Fi signal boosters, our resellers have the privilege of full product training and support. We have a consistent approach to helping you maintain stock and offer support with logistics and distribution. We even offer our partners the option to enter stock buy-back schemes as well as product warranty and professional, knowledgeable customer support.

Become A Frequency Telecoms Reseller

Why not become a mobile phone accessories reseller today and partner with Frequency Telecom?

At Frequency Telecom, we want to help your business get the sales it deserves, and offer a friendly, inclusive, knowledgeable and engaging environment for you to be able to do so. We’re results oriented and have the ability to align with a variety of businesses and individuals who want a reliable and trustworthy source for mobile phone accessories and signal boosters. Our leading market experts will ensure that your business remains competitive, providing you with access to all of the right products you need to grow your business. 


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