Harrods is one of the world’s leading department stores in London offering a wide variety of luxury products. As part of their sustainability strategy, Harrods recently commissioned the implementation of EV charging points within the basement of the carpark at their Headquarter in Hammersmith, London.

The prestigious high-end retailer wanted to be more sustainable and provide EV charging for their employees within their basement carpark at their headquarters in Hammersmith, London. To achieve this, EV charging is reliant on a reliable signal. With this in mind, Harrods needed to find a quick solution that could be installed on budget and within a short timeframe.

The Problem

The payment system as well as the software used in the EV chargers is heavily dependent on mobile signals. Whether accepting card payments or updating the software, the EV charging points must be connected to a mobile signal at all times. Although the mobile signal outside the building was strong, due to the car park being located within the basement of a 9-storey building the cellular signal wasn’t getting through. They needed to find a solution that could offer coverage for all 4 networks: EE, O2, 3 & Vodafone.

The Solution

The Harrods Facilities Manager contacted Frequency Telecom to find a feasible solution to their network issue. Following an initial desktop survey, Frequency engaged Excel Satellites to conduct a site survey. At this stage the team pinpointed the affected areas and were able to identify the required products and accessories. It was concluded that the Cel-Fi SOLO for all four networks (EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone) would be able to provide the solution they required.


Harrods required the installation to take place between Christmas & New Year whilst the offices were closed and before the EV chargers were going to be installed. The installation consisted of 125 meters of external cabling that went to the roof of the building.

The Results

The installation is working as expected providing full network coverage. The solution was completed to a tight deadline of just two days. Harrods were able to reduce their carbon footprint and provide sustainability solutions for their employees and office visitors alike.

  • Multi-network signal
  • 3G, 4G & 5G coverage
  • 2-day installation within the required time frame
  • Cost efficient solution