British Land are a well-known company with the motto of “Creating places people prefer – Creating outstanding places for people to work, live and visit.” 

The company’s productivity was affected by the poor EE signal within their head office building in London, UK. Although they had an existing legacy Vodafone signal solution within their head office, it wasn’t supporting the EE signals.

The Problem

British Land were previously the landlord of their head office premises however after selling to Allianz they became the managing agent-tenant and are responsible for the management of the building and the other commercial. Their head office York House is a 100,000 sq ft premises housing office spaces. The building is located in the city of London built using modern architectural materials including glass and steel frame building and is seven stories high. Modern construction materials can act as a barrier to the outside mobile signal reaching the inside of a building.

Staff including executives within the building had to make business calls outside of the building. They weren’t able to have a reliable EE mobile signal within the building. To their frustrations, they needed to find a cost-effective solution.

British Land decided to contact Frequency Telecom because they had seen the signal solutions used on other sites and trusted it could solve the issues they were experiencing. After British Land spoke to the commercial tenants and three out of the four wanted to opt into the solution. Therefore, the solution could be installed in the landlord areas and most of the building space.

The Solution

Frequency Telecom conducted a site survey and found the internal signal strength on all networks across all floors was very poor. From the site survey it was evident that Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 was able to provide the solution that would cover 15,400 sqm and provide the multi-network solution, that was required by the client.


At the beginning of the installation, catering to the building’s multiple use and commercial tenants’ needs was a challenge. To overcome the hurdle, Frequency Telecom installation team decided to split the installation into two phases. Phase one involved the area where British Land were located. Followed by phase two installation which concentrated on the areas which was occupied by the rest of the tenants.

The other challenges included the working time restrictions as well as carrying out cabling between floors and corridors with minimum disruptions while ensuring safety.


The Results

The project was completed in the 3-month initial contract. The Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 provided a significant signal increase for British Land and the other commercial tenants of the York House.