Established in 2002, Frequency Telecom have always shared a passion for technology, innovation, and forward thinking. We offer a focused, results-driven, and friendly work environment. Frequency Telecom are an award-winning company who specialise in signal boosters and accessories for mobile devices. Our brands are produced with quality and durability in mind and can easily fit into our customer’s needs and requirements for their mobile solutions. We regularly interact with some of the biggest and best companies across the globe to bring our customers solutions that work. We work with a range of partners and resellers to provide the market with the most current and reliable products it needs

Why Work For Us?

We’re a close-knit team with lots of experience. We pride ourselves on being extremely reliable for our clients and employees alike. We offer our employees the opportunity to build a long-lasting career filled with great relationships, flexibility, and career development opportunities.

Enjoy a competitive salary and a work environment you can excel in. Whether it’s grabbing a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or making use of our breakout pods, our open-plan office is a great space to be productive and collaborate with your team. Our positive reviews on Indeed and rating on Glassdoor reflect the way our employees feel valued, empowered, and 

supported. Whenever we have any vacancy available, we look for professional candidates who have passion, drive, and want to contribute and make a difference. At Frequency Telecom we are committed to supporting and nurturing your developmental growth, we want to be able to support you so you can thrive. Within Frequency Telecom we have seven core departments

Our Departments

The Culture at Frequency Telecom

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive workplace. We are a group of professional and focused individuals who are highly driven, incredibly reliable, adaptable and results orientated. We all share the same vision of providing customers with the best solution for their need. Frequency Telecom are experienced in covering the ever-changing and fast paced market trends in the world of mobile devices, we thrive because we are consistently creative and resourceful. Positive working relationships are a big part of Frequency Telecom, both with colleagues, resellers, and suppliers. Strong, trustworthy relationships form the basis of how we operate and are incredibly important in both assessing current market trends and finding suitable solutions. You can expect a modern open plan office making it easy to approach other members of the team, we put a lot of focus on team interaction, why type out an email when you can just come over and ask a question? We understand not everyone can or wants to work the traditional way, so we offer a robust flexible working policy  to accommodate working requests wherever possible. Frequency Telecom are absolutely committed to a working environment which encourages diversity, inclusion and equality among our incredible staff, and do not tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination.

“Great flexibility and support for hard workers, good opportunities to experience outside comfort zone”

Employee Benefits Working For Frequency Telecom

While working at Frequency Telecom, our employees can expect a well-structured company who care, putting employee wellbeing front and centre. Join a friendly workforce who thrive in a fast paced, challenging yet exciting work environment. We have a range of benefits as mentioned you can expect to have a high degree of flexibility working with Frequency, as well as building long term relationships. You will also have the option to continue your professional development and education. We see the recruitment process as 2-way.It is important for both of us to explore if we are right for one an other.

Training & Development

The Recruitment Process

We see the recruitment process as 2-way.It is important for both of us to explore if we are right for one an other. During the interview process we are committed to providing prompt feedback at every stage and giving you lots of opportunities to find out more about us. While each role will have a tailored process you can expect something similar to this.

Step 1 – Submit your CV for review.

Step 2 – If your CV has been successful you will be invited for a Telephone/Video interview.

Step 3 – If successful, you will be invited to complete our skills assessment and psychometric examination as well as a face to face interview.

Step 4 – Receive your offer. 

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