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With technology and connectivity playing a critical role in future economic growth, the construction industries are opting to include mobile signal solutions as part of a new build.

Full bar indoor mobile coverage is essential for work, retail and leisure. Such is the demand that customers, employees and residents expect good mobile coverage everywhere they go. With technology and connectivity playing a critical role in future economic growth, savvy facility and property managers are increasingly researching information about the connectivity capability of buildings prior to signing up to lease or purchase office space and residential properties.

Developers and commercial landlords have recognised that connectivity is a great asset for leasing or selling space in buildings. Retrofitting a mobile signal solution throughout a building can be costly and time-consuming and many in the industry are opting to include mobile signal solutions as part of the construction of a new build.

Most buildings are multi-use and multi-occupancy, which provides little benefit for MNOs to provide separate in-building solutions. The best solution to ensure good coverage inside a building is by installing an in-building mobile signal solution.

What Prevents Mobile Signal From Inside A Building?

The key to effective in-building mobile coverage is to provide an uninterrupted signal from the mobile network masts. Mobile signal is transmitted from mobile towers via radio frequencies (RFs). These RFs can be weakened or completely blocked by obstructions.

Whilst the distance from the mobile tower, terrain, vegetation and atmospheric conditions plays a big role, it is construction materials that create the biggest hindrance to indoor mobile signal coverage.

Old and new building regulations and construction standards designed to improve sustainable development negatively affect good in-building mobile coverage. Modern construction materials, such as concrete floors, steel girders and metallised insulation, prevent mobile signals from penetrating the building. In fact, the biggest mobile signal blockers are metal and energy-efficient e-glass windows.

The imminent roll-out of 5G will aggravate the in-building mobile signal problem as the higher the mobile communications frequency, the shorter the range, and the more susceptible the signal will be to interruptions from even the most standard building materials.

Mobile Signal Solutions For The Construction Industry

Cel-Fi smart signal solutions are synonymous with reliable, stable in-building mobile signal. Our products improve 1 bar to a steady 4 to 5 bars of quality, reliable mobile signal to give you clear voice conversations and greater data inside any building.

Cel-Fi products are the ONLY mobile signal boosters available on the market in the UK and Ireland that are licence-exempt and fully comply with the regulatory requirements of OFCOM and ComReg.