The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service was constructed in 1963 and no longer fit for purpose. The building was demolished and changed to a new energy-efficient fire station with state-of-the-art-art facilities. While the materials used in modern constructions ensure energy efficiency, it restricts mobile signals, causing poor voice and data performance. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue was looking for a mobile signal solution that would provide enhanced EE mobile network coverage across 26,000ft site of multiple buildings. However, one of their main requirements for the signal solution was not to interfere with the existing communication and wireless products in the facility. The IT team got in touch with Frequency telecom and explained what they were looking for and something ‘fit for purpose’.

The Problems

Wakefield Fire Station has historically struggled to get good mobile coverage in their buildings, particularly on the corporate EE network. When preparation for the construction of the new Wakefield Fire Station was initiated, they needed a trusted partner to provide them with a robust and reliable mobile coverage solution.
The site in Wakefield is made up of multiple buildings across the 26,000 ft² site. Mobile coverage is imperative for operational purposes, health and safety, emergency business continuity and cross-service communications. The site was known to have poor mobile coverage and with the construction of the new facility, they had the opportunity to rectify this.
The main requirements for the mobile signal solution were that it had to enhance EE mobile network coverage across the site and not interfere with existing communication and wireless products in the facility.

The Solution

The IT team from the Fire Service contacted Frequency Telecom to discuss the need for reliable in-building mobile coverage. After gathering the initial requirements, a thorough site survey was conducted, and a proposal put forward.
The Cel-Fi SOLO mobile signal booster solution was chosen for its powerful 100dB of signal gain and quick installation. With a mix of core fire and rescue equipment already in situ, the Cel-Fi SOLO signal booster equipment had to be placed in specific locations to maximum signal gain whilst simultaneously causing minimal disruption to site operations.

Both the site survey and installation of the solution was performed by Boost Pro Systems, one of Frequency’s Cel-Fi certified and approved installation partners. The project was overseen by the lead contractor on site, Murray Building Services Ltd.
The project was signed off by the client with the EE signal having increased from 1 bar of signal, before completion, to a steady 5 bars throughout the fire station.