Dakota in Leeds is a luxury hotel boasting of impeccable service and located in the heart of the city centre. Dakota was founded in 2006 and have an additional 5 hotels across the UK. Their Leeds hotel was experiencing complaints from staff and customers for having virtually no mobile signal across different mobile networks in their bar and lower floor dining area. Spoiling the experience of the staying at hotel. Dakota needed to find a solution to stop this negatively impacting their business and to provide a solution to their customers mobile needs

The Problem

Both employees and customers to their frustration were experiencing no reception across some of their networks. Dakota Hotels were looking for a multi-network signal booster solution. The coverage needed to improve their lower-ground floor bar and dining area.

The Solution

UCtel a Frequency Telecom reseller partner proposed the solution of Nexitivtys Cel-Fi signal boosters to provide the solution. Cel-Fi is unconditionally network-safe as it prevents interference with mobile operators’ networks and in the UK Cel-Fi products are license-exempt and fully comply with Ofcom’s UK Interface requirements 2102 (IR2102). UCtel conducted a site survey and thought the Cel-Fi SOLO would be able to provide the solution as they needed to receive the best available donor signal from outside and transport the signal through low loss cable to the network repeaters that then distribute the signal through indoor antennas.


Four Cel-Fi SOLO boosters were installed on the first-floor riser, with one directional antenna mounted on the roof.

The Results

Since the installation of the Cel-Fi SOLOs their 3G and 4G coverage had significantly improved they now have coverage across all networks, resolving the lower ground first floor multi-network coverage for their staff and customer.