Clarence Village Park is a 3-storey, 150,000 ft² building contains 101 spacious apartments and a range of on-site services, including a health and beauty salon, gym, library, craft room and greenhouse, along with eateries including a coffee shop, restaurant, and bar. For those residents who require support, the care team aims to help them retain as much independence, for as long as possible. Care is tailored to the unique requirements of the individual, provided within the comfort and privacy of their own apartment.

The Problem

The hills and topography of the surrounding area coupled with the building’s structure and use of energy efficient materials prevented mobile signal from penetrating into the internal spaces of Clarence Park Village. Given the size of the Village, the lack of in-building mobile coverage was a risk to staff safety and well-being in the case of an emergency.

The Solution

Platform Housing Ltd, who work in partnership with Clarence Park Village, to contacted Frequency to find a viable solution for improving the poor mobile coverage. The requirement was to develop a solution that included all communal areas, corridors and walkways within the 150,000 ft² building.

ZoneWave, one of Frequency’s enlisted Cel-Fi certified installation partners, was commissioned to perform the site survey. The survey results showed that due to the quality and strength of the mobile signal outside the building, in addition to the size and layout of the building itself, Cel-Fi Quatra would be the only solution capable of delivering the level of mobile coverage required throughout.

Zonewave installed 3 Network Units (NUs), 12 Coverage Units (CUs) and a MIMO donor antenna inside the roof vent housing. The CUs were distributed across the 3-levels of the care home to transmit the amplified mobile signal throughout the building. The installation of the solution was completed in 4 days.

The Results

Following installation, staff at Clarence Park Village have reported that their mobiles and the lone worker devices are now working much more effectively when they need to call for additional assistance. Much improved mobile connectivity within the building has given them the confidence that they can be tracked and located immediately should they need to raise the alarm.