Nextivity CEL-FI GO G43 Three-Network Signal Booster for Business

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Product Description


The CEL-FI GO G43 Smart Signal Booster is a premium mobile phone signal booster that strengthens your 3G / 4G / 5G signal coverage. It is the most powerful carrier-grade solution available, delivering 100dB signal gain with the class-leading voice and data wireless performance. CEL-FI GO G43 is designed to solve cellular coverage issues for indoor environments and does not interfere with other wireless devices.
This solution is ideal for use in petrol stations, retail stores, restaurants, banks, clubhouses and other small businesses.How Does it Work?CEL-FI mobile signal boosters improve signal between a mobile phone and a mobile network tower, allowing you to have clear voice conversations and a stable data connection when you are inside. An donor antenna collects the best mobile signal from outside the building and transmits it to a mobile signal booster unit. The unit strengthens the signal and rebroadcasts it around the building via internal server antennas.Key Features

  • 100 dB max signal gain
  • Boosts 3G / 4G / 5G for voice and data simultaneously
  • Available for O2, EE, Three, Vodafone and all Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • Each CEL-FI GO G43 can boost up to three mobile networks
  • Can be set up within hours
  • Remote monitoring and management with the CEL-FI WAVE Portal
  • Smart Signal Booster with IntelliBoost© Chipset – Unconditionally Network Safe
  • Licence-exempt and fully meets Ofcom’s UK Interface requirement 2102 (IR2102) (UK) and ComReg S.I.No.283 of 2018 (Ireland)

InstallationCEL-FI GO G43 requires the services of a professional installer.Technical Specifications

  • Simultaneously supports multiple channels with bandwidths from 5 to 20 MHz
  • Total system relay bandwidth of 40 MHz
  • Supports six bands simultaneously from up to three operators
  • Peaceful coexistence with adjacent Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), femtocells, and mobile devices
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) based on fast real-time echo-cancellation
  • Dynamic gain control always ensures maximum gain — best coverage — in ever changing RF environments, without user intervention
  • Booster dimensions: 44.1 x 9.7 x 32.2 cm

CEL-FI CommitmentArtificial intelligence and Nextivity’s award-winning IntelliBoost® signal processing deliver the industry’s best voice and data wireless performance. It is guaranteed to be unconditionally network safe and does not interfere with other wireless devices.
The CEL-FI commitment is to protect the operator’s network, deliver the best in-building mobile performance, and be the easiest solution to install.
CEL-FI products are licence-exempt and fully comply with Ofcom’s UK Interface requirement 2102 (IR2102) (UK) and ComReg S.I.No.283 of 2018 (Ireland).Network SafeSelf-organising edge intelligence ensures that CEL-FI GO G43 do not interfere with other indoor wireless products such as Wi-Fi routers, Small Cells, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).
High speed Automatic Gain Control ensures that CEL-FI GO G43 are unconditionally network safe and enables more simultaneous calls and higher data speeds.Remote MonitoringOnce your system has been installed and is operational we you have the opportunity to enhance its functionality with our customised remote support and maintenance services.Remote Support Services:

  • Software Updates & Daily Maintenance: Keeping your system up-to-date and well-maintained every day.
  • System Alarm Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to swiftly identify and address any issues.
  • Configurations and Changes: Ability to adapt and configure the mobile network being relayed as per your requirements.
  • Access Control Administration: Managing user access to maintain security and efficiency.
  • Detailed System Reports: Regular reports providing insights into system performance.

Maintenance Services:

  • Signal and Antenna Optimization: Scanning and realigning the donor signal and external antenna for optimal performance.
  • Hardware Check-ups: Inspecting connectors, cables, and booster devices for any potential damage.
  • Equipment Adjustments: Strategically moving internal equipment to enhance coverage and performance.
  • Comprehensive System Testing: Conducting thorough tests to ensure and improve quality of service.
  • User Experience Verification: Making sure the system meets and exceeds user expectations.

These services are bespoke to each business’s unique needs. For a personalised quote reflecting your specific requirements, please Contact Us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your signal booster system delivers seamless and high-quality connectivity tailored to your commercial environment.CompatibilityO2, EE, Three, Vodafone & all MVNOs.
For customers in Hebrides, Scottish Isles, Highlands and other remote areas in the UK: Due to Ofcom licence exemption rules, it is not permitted to relay 4G only signal. Please check on your service provider’s coverage map, entering your postcode, to make sure you have Outdoor 3G Coverage in your area before purchasing. The current checker websites are: EE, O2, Three, Vodafone.