Hotel La Tour is a recently constructed luxury hotel located in the heart of Milton Keynes which provides a stylish bar, restaurant and business facilities for their guests, catering for both corporate and personal hospitality. Hotel La Tour consists of 14 storeys which host 261 bedrooms, 10 meeting rooms, a restaurant and a gym.

During construction the contractors and construction workers discovered there was very little mobile signal within the framework of the building. As the hotel welcomes people from both the corporate world and the leisure sector, all four main mobile network operators were required to be improved throughout the hotel.

The Problem

When the shell of the building was completed and fully sealed, it was apparent that the in-building mobile phone signal was very poor, resulting in construction workers, contractors and staff not being fully contactable on their mobile phones.

Colin, Sales Manager at Frequency Telecom, consulted and appointed AVC One, one of Frequency’s Cel-Fi certified solutions partners, to work with ACS365. AVC One firstly undertook a desktop survey evaluating the main areas of concern. They found the construction materials including the low-E glass were the primary reason for the in-building poor mobile signal.

The Solution

The Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 was chosen as the best solution for Hotel La Tour as the system can be scaled to cover larger areas.

A Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 system operates on a single network, however, by installing multiple systems alongside each other all four of the main operator networks are able to be boosted.


AVC One worked with ACS365 to install the signal solution units across the multiple floors before the Hotel was set to be completed.

The signal boosters were installed discreetly and located to dissipate the signal across the 14 floor levels of Hotel La Tour. The approved design consisted of 4 x external antennas on the roof, 18 x quatra network units located in the comms room and 63 x quatra coverage units strategically located to enable reliable signal for all four networks over 3G, 4G & 5G.

Signal Strength Template graph - cropped

The Results

The mobile signal has increased across the hotel, including within the guest rooms and the communal & business areas. This has greatly improved operational efficiencies for hotel staff who rely on their corporate mobile phones to communicate internally. This has also helped to improve safety for both staff and guests within the building by providing them with a safe and secure environment.

The newly constructed hotel now ensures business customers are fully connected and able to work as effectively from the hotel as they would from the office.