Why Choose Us? Frequency is more than a distributor.

We are totally committed to both our manufacturers and customers; our aim – to deliver the latest device accessories on time. This means that with great account management and marketing support we can focus and invest time to help our customers drive sales.

The Right Products at the Right Price

By researching the market we can offer you a range of hand-picked, quality and cutting-edge accessories. Our portfolio is based on innovation, gaps in the market and from customer requests. Working closely with our partners we have the ability to source products from simple bulk accessories to bespoke manufactured solutions.

The Right Products
  • Product and Packaging Sourcing
  • Bespoke product development
  • Tailor-made product solutions and bundles
  • Device Launches, Product marketing and Launch Planning

Suppliers & Brands

We aim to be an extension of the brand and to represent it as if it was our own. We add value at every stage of the product lifecycle and supply chain because that’s how we make each brand a success and it’s the right thing to do!

We are different to the traditional distributor; we launch and grow each brand with a complete product strategy. We add value through our experience and have a complete understanding of how to sell that brand, highlighted through the number of exclusive agreements we have with our manufacturers. It’s about long-term trends, ensuring we have the right brands for the right customers.

Suppliers & Brands
  • Exclusive manufacturer and distribution agreements
  • Vendor performance management to ensure product availability, delivery and new product offerings
  • Strategically managed brand range with no benefit duplication
  • Launch and grow each brand adding value through the product lifecycle

Channel Management

We support the retail channel from start to finish. With meticulous channel management we carefully control our routes to market across the high-street and on-line, protecting the margin for our retailers. We don’t flood the market, ensuring the brand is never under-valued. Working closely with the brands and our customers, we can guarantee that stock is available on time at launch and we achieve this over and over again.

Channel Management
  • Meticulous channel management – we don’t flood the market
  • Strategic distribution to protect the brand and maintain margins
  • Carefully managed product routes to market working with suppliers and customers

Quality Control

With increasing legislation regulations and the growing number of counterfeit products filtering onto the market, we undertake our own intensive product quality control, from compliance and conformity monitoring, authenticity verification to battery capacity testing.

  • Product and compatibility testing
  • EU directives compliance and conformity monitoring
  • Packaging and user manual language review
  • Authenticity verification
  • Battery capacity testing

Flexible Distribution & Logistics

With exclusive channels and a warehouse servicing the whole of Europe we deliver stock when you need it. We have the flexibility to distribute single orders direct to the end consumer as part of our e-commerce fulfillment as well as bulk orders to our retailers.

Distribution & Logistics
  • State of the art warehousing facilities
  • Inventory Management to plan and forecast demand
  • Large stock holding to deliver on time
  • Quick turnaround of orders
  • Supply chain innovation for single or bulk order deliveries across Europe
  • European wide delivery to over 30,000 outlets
  • Virtual warehousing and fulfilment
  • Drop shipping
  • Same-day delivery
  • Product re-configuration and re-packaging
  • Barcode and sku personalised labelling

Retail Experience

From POS, merchandising, staff training and incentives to catalogues, advertising and bespoke packaging we offer complete marketing support.

Retail Experience
  • Staff training and incentives
  • Product demo’s and samples
  • Planograms
  • In-store events and promotions
  • Point of Sale, Counter Top Units, Floor Stand Display Units

Marketing & Online Support

Focused on long term partnerships we work with our customers to create compelling campaigns and support the retail channel from start to finish – we proactively help our sales partners and customers to sell our accessories.

Marketing & Online Support
  • Creative design
  • Social media
  • Advertising and PR
  • Media planning and buying
  • Sponsorship
  • Loyalty programs
  • Shows and events
  • Bespoke campaigns
  • Packaging design, development and production
  • Photography and video production

We offer a range of online support services including the Web Shop, Data Feeds and marketing and design. Place orders, request stock alerts and have instant access to stock levels, images and pricing all at the click of a button on our Web Shop. Maximise sales by instantly listing products using our live Data Feeds to upload products, pricing and images directly to your website. It’s real-time so your website can list new products as and when we do and as Data Feeds run directly from our stock levels to your website, your risk and warehousing costs are reduced.


Our online marketing and design support offers:

  • Website design and development
  • E-commerce support
  • A-plus pages
  • Banner Ads
  • Amazon market place support

Our Service Beliefs

Service Beliefs
  • Researching the market and offering customers a range of quality accessories
  • Spotting real niches and trends in the market to maximise opportunities for our partners
  • Providing compelling marketing support to drive sales through the complete channel
  • Holding stock and having products for device launches
  • Offering cutting-edge products with versatility to meet consumer needs
  • Listening to customers’ needs and working together for a successful long term partnership
  • A business that is flexible and adapts quickly to the market and our customers’ needs

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