Four ways to keep your employees engaged during C-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely changed the working landscape and for some employees, the transition has been tough. What can businesses do to encourage employees to not get discouraged? If you were to take a straw poll amongst employees who have recently had to adjust to the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which lead to many employ... Read more

Get your business ready for the return of the workforce

The proposed easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are widely discussed and businesses around the world are preparing their places of work to allow for the return of some of their workforce. The government published a 50-page document outlining how restrictions will be eased and provided employers with practical C-19 guidelines which will all... Read more

Cel-Fi products improve mobile signal coverage in NHS properties

This article was first published on the National Health Executive platform on 29 April 2020. THE UNIVERSAL PROBLEM OF POOR MOBILE SIGNAL HAS FAR-REACHING IMPLICATIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANISATIONS ACROSS THE UK. BUT FOR AN INSTITUTION LIKE THE NHS, IT COULD HAVE DIRE CONSEQUENCES. The NHS has entered a digital transformation era which aims ... Read more

Visit Frequency Telecom at Utility Week Live from 21-22 May!

Find out how Frequency Telecom and Cel-Fi by Nextivity are joining forces to deliver seamless in-building/in-vehicle mobile signal coverage to utility companies in the UK at Utility Week Live from 21-22 May! Frequency Telecom, a UK company with over 17 years’ experience in sourcing and delivering the latest smartphone accessories and mobile s... Read more

What we’ve learnt from Samsung’s S10 ‘Unpacked’ event

It comes as no surprise that Samsung does a fantastic job in the hardware department. Their aluminium and glass builds are second to none. The AMOLED displays are the best we’ve seen and the three rear cameras on the S10 and S10+ take this phone to new territories. Now add in the new technology (Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor and in-display ... Read more

Exploring the new Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ ‘3D Sonic Sensor’

The new Eiger 3D glass screen protector for the S10/S10+ is a unique solution to enable usage of Samsung’s 3D Sonic sensor. It has been developed to deliver the expected level of Eiger protection along with full functionality of the Samsung device. The glass product is produced from tempered Asahi glass (0.33mm depth) with a framed glue for th... Read more