Smart Home Solutions - Bluetooth App Controlled Lighting and Sound

Sengled has more than 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry as a manufacturer of energy-saving LED bulbs. Their products can be integrated seamlessly and bring smart home capabilities to every room. Combining functionality and applications in unconventional ways, their technology makes life easier using smart and environmentally-friendly solutions. From LED bulbs combined with the rich stereo sound of JBL to LED bulbs with Wi-Fi repeaters there is a solution for every room in the house.


Pulse - LED Bulb with Integrated JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Sengled Pulse is an energy saving App controlled LED light with a 13 watt JBL Bluetooth loudspeaker. Experience the soaring highs and the rich stereo sound of JBL combined with warm, dimmable lighting, without the fuss of speaker wires and cords. The free App lets you set the volume and even adjust the sound with the help of the equalizer, as well as dimming the light.

  • Available in a starter pack with a Master and Satellite
  • Master and Satellite are also available to buy separately for Screw E27 fitting. The Satellite only plays with the Master.
  • Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices and is Made for Apple
Sengled - Pulse - LED Bulb with Integrated JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Pulse Solo - Single LED Bulb with Integrated JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Pulse Solo is the world's first combination of LED light and multichannel stereo sound. The App controlled Pulse Solo combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with dual 3-watt high-quality JBL stereo speakers. Instantly stream music, control the brightness and dim the light from any Bluetooth device.

  • Works on its own and is ideally suited for use as a dimmable desk or bedside table lamp
  • Available for Bayonet B22 and Screw E27 fitting

Boost - LED Bulb and Wi-Fi Repeater

The ingenious Sengled Boost is the world’s first Wi-Fi extending LED bulb, improving internet black zones around the home. Every installed Sengled Boost LED lamp extends the range of your Wi-Fi network, without additional cables or annoying network adapters. The Boost App acts as the command centre for connectivity in your whole home and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Dim the light, switch it on or off and control the Wi-Fi settings, all via the free App.

  • Available for Bayonet B22, Screw E27 and GU10 fittings
Sengled - Boost - LED Bulb and Wi-Fi Repeater

Pulse Flex and Horn – LED Bulb with Integrated JBL Speaker and a Custom Made Light Fitting

Designed as a set, the Pulse Horn is a custom-made pendant light fitting for the Pulse Flex LED light bulb. Quality workmanship and unique design harmoniously blend into your home environment. The stylish colour variants silver or gold are available as single and double luminaries. Incorporating powerful JBL speakers, the Pulse Flex light bulb can be integrated into the home network by Wi-Fi, enabling different lighting and playback settings for specific rooms via the dedicated app.

Pulse Onion Light Fitting

Sengled Pulse Onion provides a perfectly shaped home for your Pulse Flex LED light bulb. The minimalistic, elegant lines put your living room environment in the spotlight. Both single and double luminaries are adjustable in height and therefore individually useable.

Sengled - Pulse Onion Light Fitting

App Controlled

All Sengled products are controlled through dedicated Sengled Apps, allowing you to control your music* and dim the light. Simply download either the Sengled Boost or Sengled Pulse App from Google Play or the App Store.

*Only available on Pulse and Pulse Solo

About Sengled

Sengled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions based in Shanghai with branches in several European countries and the USA. They specialise in the manufacture of LED products and offer high-quality energy-efficient alternatives for conventional light bulbs. Always thinking ahead, Sengled seek to exceed expectations, surprise and redefine categories whilst creating a comfortable and connected home.

About Sengled

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