The Intelligent Case, with built-in antenna technology

Pong cases are custom-designed to work with the most popular smartphones, but do more than just protect your mobile! Cases are built with patented antenna technology to optimise outbound signal strength, while also redirecting wireless energy away from users.


The Technology

A team of PhD scientists trained at MIT, Harvard and the University of Manchester developed the technology behind Pong. Pong cases are embedded with a micro-thin gold-plated antenna that redistributes radio frequency signal, pulling it away from the body and towards the back of the device. Just snap it onto the smartphone and the Pong antenna pairs automatically with the antenna in the iPhone.

  • Signal is optimised, enabling the phone to work more efficiently, which can result in a longer battery life
  • Stays connected further from the cell tower for increased range
Pong - The Technology

Sleek, Classic and Rugged Collections

Pong cases are extremely easy to put on and take off and are available in a range of colours.

Get minimalist style and maximum protection, with the Pong Sleek, Classic and Rugged iPhone Cases. Doing what no other case can; Pong redirects potentially harmful wireless energy away from the user while improving the phone's signal strength.

Available for: iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s.

About Pong

Pong creates cases with “intelligent antenna technology” that enable smartphones and tablets to interact optimally with both wireless networks and users.

The Pong case redistributes mobile device electromagnetic fields to dramatically reduce consumers’ exposure to wireless energy and improve transmitted signal.

Pong Cases - How they work

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