Take Your Tunes for a Swim!

Take your tunes for a swim with AQUAJAM’s fully waterproof, floatable speakers - perfect for enjoying your music in the pool, bath, lake or sea. With an IPX7 rating their speakers are 100% waterproof and can be submerged up to 1m! Designed to work as well in the water as out of it, AQUAJAM’s speakers are light and portable with high-quality audio and are easy to connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


AJ2 – Extreme Climate, Floating, Waterproof, Wireless Speaker

Designed for extreme climates the AQUAJAM AJ2 works as well in the water as out of it! An auto buoyancy feature ensures that the speaker will always float speaker side up to get the full benefit of the high quality drivers, delivering a full balanced sound. Swim, surf, ski, bike and hike with your tunes by using the clever mounting system to attach your AQUAJAM AJ2 anywhere, from the bike handlebars to your surfboard or even the shower wall.

AquaJam AJ2 Speaker

AJ Mini – World’s Smallest Waterproof Speaker with Big Sound

The AJ Mini is the size of a walnut and is 100% waterproof with an IPX7 rating meaning it can be submerged up to 1m underwater. An inflatable life ring is included in the pack and has been designed to fit around the AJ Mini, allowing the speaker to float with the speaker side facing up so you can enjoy your tunes in the water. It also has a built in mic allowing you to take calls through the speaker!

Fully Waterproof Armband

Feel like taking your tunes for a swim? With the fully waterproof AQUAJAM armband you can pair your phone with your AQUAJAM speaker and dive in. With a full IPX8 waterproof rating you can take your armband up to 10m underwater. It is also shock and impact resistant and provides protection against dust particles.

Aquajam - Fully Waterproof Armband


Launched in 2014, AQUAJAM is an award winning waterproof speaker brand. Offering a full range of speakers and accessories their products are unique in the fact that they are designed to work as well in the water as they do out of it. AQUAJAM believe in creating feature rich products with a difference in design and performance – the result in an exceptional audio experience truly built for the outdoors.

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