Partnering with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Frequency provides an extensive range of genuine and branded mobile accessories for all devices including power, connection, in-car and storage solutions.

Griffin PowerDock Dual for Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Griffin PowerDock Dual for
Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod


With a vast range of wall, travel, USB and in-car chargers we stock all the power accessories you could need. We also sell a huge range of batteries for a number of mobile phone manufacturers.

In addition, we stock mobile power accessories for mobile and non-mobile phone manufacturers.


With our extensive collection of cables you can be sure we have every option needed to stay connected. From USB data cables, to HDTV adapters to Auxiliary Audio cables, we've got all cable needs covered.

In addition, we also sell top of the range Bluetooth hands free sets to keep people well connected whilst on the go. Our Nextivity Cel-Fi Signal Boosters help to improve poor mobile phone connection; all you need is one bar of 3G signal to benefit from this solution.

  • Olo Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 Signal Boosters for O2
  • Olo Genuine USB Data Cables for all devices


Our wide range of in-car cradling and dock devices means drivers can be safe in the knowledge that their phone is securely and conveniently positioned, allowing hands to stay firmly on the wheel. These top of the range hands free car kits provide additional safety, without compromising calling sound quality.

Our range includes; Motorola, Samsung, iGrip, Griffin, Energizer, BlackBerry, HTC and Apple.

Verbatim 64GB USB 3.0 Drive


At Frequency we have a range of storage options from Verbatim, Sandisk and Samsung for all our customers memory requirements. From USB sticks to SD cards we can offer some of the best storage options on the market for a whole range of devices including mobile phones, GPS devices, digital cameras and PDA's. From 2GB to 64GB, available in a range of classes, we have all the memory your customers could ever want.