Frequency distributes a diverse range of complementary audio products to meet differing customer needs. Whatever the target market, we believe we have the right product to meet your needs.

Retail Opportunities

$5bn Value of the headphone market in 2011***
20% Forecasted growth in 2012*
10m Headphones sold in the UK (2011)****
33m Headphones sold in the USA (2011)**
9m Headphones sold in Germany (2011)**
25% Growth of UK headphone sales in 2011, against a 14.7% decline in consumer electronics sales**

The headphone market was worth $5 billion in 2011 and forecasted to grow by 20% in 2012*. 10 million headphones were sold in the UK, 33 million in the USA and also 9 million in Germany in 2011**.

In 2011 the UK's consumer electronics sales fell 14.7% but the sales of headphones grew by 25%!**

* 2012 Futuresource Consulting Ltd. | ** GFK Retail & Technology
*** Futuresource | **** 2012 Haymarket Publishing

Our portfolio

Frequency has a carefully selected portfolio of audio brands that have been researched to ensure the highest quality. All brands are complementary and give retailers access to a wide range of products that we truely believe will sell in any market.

Our promise...

We treat all the brands we work with as if they were our own.

We promise to only sell through selected channels so you can be sure we won't flood the market.

You'll get a dedicated account manager to support you from your first purchase to your customer purchase in store.


From high-end earphones with noise-cancelling technology to fun headphones that'll ensure you stand-out from the crowd. We're sure to have something for everyone...

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Marketing and Support

Marketing and Support

Through marketing and PR activity Frequency support both the manufacturer and retailer to drive sales. We ensure our promotions enhance the buying experience for your consumers, and support you with:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Updates on new product launches
  • In store POS and merchandising
  • Marketing support
  • Staff training and incentives