ifrogz selection

iFrogz, a leading US audio brand, focus on providing fun, clever, universal audio accessories with ingenuity and style that makes this brand stand out from the crowd. Included in their fun range are a selection of rockin’ earphones, headphones, speakers and portable power! Earphones iFrogz earphones offer a stylish, colourful solution to achieving the perfect… Read more »

uJAYAS headphones

At Frequency we are excited to announce the launch of the latest innovation from JAYS. The Swedish headphone maker has recently presented its new on-ear headphones, the u-JAYS. It emphasises comfort, sound and quality, providing the next step for on-ear headphones with a new balance and architecture for an effortless musical experience made to last…. Read more »


New LG G4 cases!

May 7th, 2015

We were excited to hear that LG had announced their brand new flagship device, the LG G4. At Frequency, we pride ourselves on offering mobile accessories in line with device launches and the LG G4 is no exception. Customers can now pre-order Case-Mate cases for the G4. LG G4 With a distinctive arc shaped design,… Read more »