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Creating quality products requires more than just quality materials — it requires highly-skilled and passionate team members with the ability and experience to ensure that every detail on every finished product comes out precisely as intended. JAYS’ team is a dedicated group of engineers and designers who believe that there’s only one way to properly build a great product — to do it one detail at a time.


Designed with you in mind, a-JAYS earphones combine high-quality sound and great functional design for style and comfort. With every detail carefully considered and precisely engineered for durability, they are a premium audio experience you will love to relive over and over again.

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Optimised for iOS or Android, u-JAYS headphones come with a full-feature three-button remote. Available in black or white with different metal finishes to match your smartphone, computer and style. Built to last the u-JAYS embody a seamless blend of balanced sound, lasting comfort and effortless aesthetics.

The soft exchangeable ear-cushions adapt to the shape of your ears to ensure a comfortable use.


Music touches us emotionally. That’s why JAYS set out to create an inspiring and touching music experience based on a full-bodied sound. Whether it’s a newly discovered artist or your favourite tracks, t-JAYS earphones lets you experience sound like never before: up close and personal with every note.

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